DARK SUN takes place in the world of Athas, long since ruined by destructive magics. Some say there was a war, and some say it was the hubris of those who sought to reshape the world – none say it was the Gods, for the Gods are forgotten on Athas. Whatever the truth, all that remains are blasted deserts, forbidding mountains, vast seas of choking silt, and a few cities crushed under the heels of their tyrannical and near-omnipotent rulers, the Sorcerer-Kings.

THE WASTE LANDS are where you hope to make your way, though others shun them. It is for others to accept the Sorcerer-Kings’ yoke meekly -you make your own way. Perhaps you are a slave, freed by your own hand and willing to wrest blood and treasure from the wilderness. Perhaps you are a Templar servant of the King, loyal to yourself above all and seeking some advantage by going beyond where your comrades will. Or perhaps you are a member of the secretive Veiled Alliance, a cabal of magicians and fellow travellers dedicated to restoring the world through careful use of forbidden arcane magics. Maybe none of these is your destiny or cause – but you have your own reasons for venturing out into the trackless wilderness outside the city, battling horrific monsters and exploring the ruins of the world.

THE CITY OF TYR is your home. King Kalak is dead, and King Tithian rests uneasy on his throne. Will you join the faction of his loyal Templars, or fight against him with the rebels and the Veiled Alliance? Adventure can be found within the city itself, but you may find it as dangerous if not more so than the waste lands that surround it… and the worst danger will come from your fellow players…

The Waste is the new planned sandbox-style campaign for the Heroes’ Guild of Maryland, building on the success of our long(ish) running Eastern Expanse campaign, and spearheaded by workhorse DM and Dark Sun super-fan Daniel Levine. The game will feature all the episodic violent goodness of Eastern Expanse, but in the harsh Dark Sun setting, and with new options like character trees, faction membership/exclusive quests, a graduated exploration of the world where you can “unlock” new city-states with their own distinctive characteristics and which you and other players can make your bases of operations, and quests specifically designed for PvP conflict.

The Waste will launch at the Heroes’ Guild September Mini-Con!

To sign up, visit the Heroes’ Guild Forums.

The Waste

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